The T91 also includes the standard headphone and microphone jacks, Ethernet port, and a standard VGA out port. Asus Eee PC T91 review: The Eee PC T91 has a rotating display that can be spun degrees and folded down, akin to what you’d see in something like the HP TouchSmart TX2 , and its screen reacts to your finger or an included nonactive stylus. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Hot Hardware We were impressed with the battery life nearly five hours, just as claimed , but we didn’t appreciate the non-removable nature of the battery. In much the same way that the Apple OS X dock or ObjectDock from Stardock software allow you to use quick shortcuts to utilities and applications, the Eee Docking software provides an easy way to locate utilities, software and digital content.

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I would have also liked to see an easy-access panel for the SSD, but since the T91 includes a second SD card slot just for storage expansion I suppose I can live without easy access to the internal SSD. Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook Performance and Benchmarks This is the section that I hate the most whenever I write a netbook review. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in You can drag different widgets–from clocks to calendars to battery life indicators–anywhere on the screen.

Ultimately the unit is perhaps too cramped and slow for comfortable tablet usage.

ASUS Eee PC T91 – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

HP Spectre x 13 late Besides the custom version of Internet Explorer that includes some useful finger gesture controls although we’d much rather see a version of FirefoxAsus also includes a handful of proprietary software packages, including asu and memo programs for handwriting notes. Seven months later, the final product is here, and it’s largely successful for a first attempt at this kind ashs hybrid. Also, the trackpad was great, but the keys were cramped due to the small chassis.


A small button at the bottom of the screen brings up a longer list of apps, and you can drag choices onto or off of the large five-app menu bar, setting up your own custom collection of frequently used apps.


Is it a good tablet to buy if you just want a cheap secondary computer to carry with you for taking notes, staying adus, or sharing video, photos, and music? The T91 netbook deserves kudos for trying something new with its convertible-tablet design, but its sluggish performance mars the experience.

The optional custom touch interface, with big, easy to grab icons, works well–even if it’s not as slick and responsive as the touch interface on, for example, an iPhone. After calibration everything worked fine. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions.

Since the introduction of the original Eee PC, manufacturers Asus included have desperately tried to tweak netbooks to set themselves apart from the crowd. The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Security lock slot and VGA out.

Media card reader left and pen stylus silo right corner. Vertical viewing angles are average, with obvious color inversion when viewing from below and some over-exposed colors when viewed from above.

Asus’ experiment with a touch-enabled Eee PC, although commendable, doesn’t really fly too well practically. It’s a much more flexible way to interact with a Netbook–especially if you’re tripped up by the tiny touch pads and keyboards found on most minilaptops. Power jack, USB 2. The bottom of the netbook chassis shows a simple RAM access cover. Adding new shortcut icons limited to no more than five at one time to the Touch Asuus interface is as simple as drag and drop.


Asus Eee PC T91 MT

Best Laptops for Keyboard and Touchpad The T91 uses a new keyboard that feels akin to the first-generation Eee PC keyboards with slightly larger keys.

This reimagined MacBook Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding Of course, a touch-screen laptop is not meant to be primarily used with a traditional keyboard and touch pad. However, we said largely the same thing about 7-inch displays when the first 9-inch Netbooks hit the market. I spent a week t9 the T91 through its paces and what I discovered was a convenient little companion PC that might actually be more impressive than the specs suggest.

Intel Y91 Z 1. Pen stylus silo, headphone jack, microphone jack, USB 2.

And because using a small touch screen, whether on a 9-inch Netbook or an even smaller UMPC, can be a hassle when trying to fumble around Windows XP, Asus has included a custom interface meant for finger-driven computing.

It’s smaller even than the original 7-inch Eee PC.