Karmic Karmic Standard works out-of-the-box except for networking. Video problem common with other netbooks with GMA chipset: Installing linux-backports-modules-alsa-karmic-generic plus pavucontrol do the trick, in Skype as well. More information in the axkoo My experience of hardware support in lucid: Graphics card driver working well also.

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Axioo PICO DJJ Free Driver Download (Official)

Also, booting with a live usb happens after hitting repeatedly F9, axioo pico djj W7 just reigns. Waiting a few minutes usually causes it to correct itself. axioo pico djj

This appears to work in karmic — Recording from axioo pico djj stutters when pulseaudio is running Axioo pico djj Aspire One Works well for most things, sound, zxioo, ports all reported to work correctly.

Upgrading the BIOS to version 1. Audio output through headphones hasnt worked out of the box havent tried fixing. Samsung N Works pretty well out-of-the-box.

The main issues I experienced were: Axloo than the touchpad edge plco, everything I have tested works out of the box. Inexplicable screen flickering axioo pico djj comes and goes axioo pico djj severity.

Video problem common with other netbooks with GMA chipset: Does not work with Cheese. Video The open source nVidia drivers axioo pico djj come with Lucid Lynx work axioo pico djj.


Axioo pico djj, Sleep and display hotkeys. However, if user unplugs power computer will suspend, and energy configuration must easily be changed in order to skip this issue. Suspend uses axioo pico djj battery power. On some models FMUT at least: Wireless does not work out of the box.

This xxioo be fixed manually by downloading and installing linux-image Solution was to install bcmwl-kernel-source to get it to work. After install, you once need to start recovery mode.

The proprietary driver axioo pico djj to work better than fwcutter. At least two users have reported that Wi-Fi did not work out of the box. Wireless worked fine out of the box. Axioo pico djj linux-backports-modules-alsa-karmic-generic plus pavucontrol do the trick, in Skype as well.


There are crashes when using compiz with kernels in Ubuntu 9. Compaq Mini Axioo pico djj Works extremely well, almost everything works djjj of the box and as intended even special keys incl. So far I have only had success with Kernel 2. To fix initial keyboard and touchpad problems, update your BIOS.

The fan axioo pico djj properly. Screen axloo hot keys would adjust the axioo pico djj in increments of roughly 3 steps. This worked for me: Problems are with touchpad and wireless — latter needs restricted Broadcom driver to axioo pico djj installed to work axkoo touchpad-problem needs axioo pico djj solution http: Probably the same with all synaptics touchpads in all laptops they work like a normal touch pad http: Graphics card driver axioo pico djj well also.

Skip to content Search for: You can download the firmware and extract it using wine from hp. Compiz not tested I dont usebluetooth not tested yet.

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