There’s also a “long play” option which just compressed the video a bit more , which lets you record up to an hour of continuous video. In terms of sharpness, things were just right: Barrel distortion at the wide-angle end of the zoom range is minimal, which is impressive since barrel distortion is a common fault with small, highly complex digicam zooms. This is as much as I need. Another change from the A is that the A does not support conversion lenses.

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Contains four NiMH batteries and a charger. That just about does it for menus — let’s talk about photo quality now!

Continue to next page 01 The panning mode only stabilizes up and down motion, and you’ll want to use this while tracking a moving subject horizontally. A tabbed menu system provides canon powershot a2000 is to the main operating mode menu and the camera setup menu.

Here’s how the A compares to other cameras powershto its class in terms of battery life:.

Canon PowerShot A IS Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

Canon always did make the best and this one is no exception. The PowerShot A has a pretty nice playback mode.

This one lets you manually adjust contrast, sharpness, and color saturation. Facilitating ease of use are canon powershot a2000 is Easy Mode and Easy Playback options, which allow you to focus entirely on shooting the image, and view the images you captured on the 3-inch LCD display.

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The camera doesn’t perform powersjot as well in low light. It doesn’t take a Ph. You can also turn the whole thing off, which is advisable if you’re using a tripod.

But canon powershot a2000 is those times when it’s necessary–say to change the autofocus priority, adjust the LCD brightness, or switch when the image stabilization is engaged–navigation is straightforward. Canon wont let you down. A IS vs WG Navigate Review Jump to review page If you want more flash power and a smaller chance of canon powershot a2000 is, you might want to consider the slave flash that I mentioned in the accessories section.

It has large, clearly labelled controls that operate a range of simple automatic settings. The A uses AA batteries, something many users look for in a camera, figuring they’ll never be far from finding replacements when needed.

canon powershot a2000 is What are those three IS modes all about? Focusing performance was good in most respects. An Easy Mode allows you to concentrate on your scene, while Easy Playback lets you screen your images on a super-sized 3.

According to Canon, the Face Detection and Motion Detection systems work together in the background to produce optimum results. I don’t see anything resembling noise or noise reduction artifacting in this photo, nor would I expect to. Ergonomics are pretty good overall, though I found that my thumb often ended up resting on the LCD display, thus leaving fingerprints. Thus, it’s comparable between cameras I’ve reviewed over the years. Alternatively, if you have several faces selected, the A IS will adjust the focus for all faces highlighted.


However, once you get familiar with the camera, finding these settings is second nature. Through the Record menu, you can also adjust the ISO to Canon powershot a2000 is, or from 80 to 1, equivalents, with a High setting that automatically sets the optimal speed based on conditions. The A offers an automatic mode, plus several scene modes though how about a sports mode? Visit our network of sites: On the second camera the door actually developed a crack for no apparent reason which caused it to no longer close tightly.

Anyone already familiar with Canon digital cameras will recognize the standard layout, and newcomers should find it easy to navigate. They’re not the most feature canon powershot a2000 is, they aren’t the most stylish they’re not unattractive eitherand speedy performance isn’t their forte.

A IS vs IS.

It no longer has the protruding grip of that camera, though it results in a camera that’s more difficult to hold.

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