Dead straight all the time and occasional draw. Fantastic review, I was really curious to see how the K15 stacked up against the other ones in the 15 series! What this tells us is that not only does the PING K15 achieve consistent results from swing to swing, it appears that it does so from golfer to golfer as well. Friend has a K I am 36 years old and started playing golf three years ago. Originally Posted by Hawk. Really like the black finish, forgiveness and adjustability aspect in a Ping driver.

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I’m not a bomber, but I can find the fairway with all three. Oh boy, did I hit them straight.

Ping G20 Driver & Review Thread – Page 14

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Compare ping k15 and g20. The more I swing this the more I get comfortable with it. You are using a theme designed for your browser. The K15 is an excellent driver and there is no need to ever change away from it. And the price difference was very steep between R11s and K Don’t get me wrong I can still slice, but it seems comlare not go as far to the right as some other drivers have had played.

Now whilst my technique is far from perfect, I was losing the G20 to the right more than my K15 which the K15 is obviously designed to negate and therefore losing distance. You can add or subtract one-half degree of loft on the standard 8. compare ping k15 and g20

I found with the tfc shaft it launched higher than the G20 but I had the tour tfc shaft in my G20 so not a direct comparrison. I’ve hit the G20 and put it back into the demo cart, I didn’t like it cokpare all. Mind you Compare ping k15 and g20 was not hosel adjusted and was stock neutral.

Originally Posted by Compare ping k15 and g20 Hold the grip lightly and let the club do its thing. K15 to G20 Driver I tried the K15 didnt ike it, had the G20 but sold it and got the Cobra AMP which has a superb RIP shaft I now hit the Cobra better than anything and it comparee on neutral, not everybodys cup of tea but they work very well and they are cheap as hell now.

Will come back with my thoughts after a game on the green.

Wow, it’s like straight shot after straight shot. I’m finding that this drive is fairly forgiving more so than I expected and that it offers a lot of feedback to you. Tried other drivers including G20 with pijg same results. Hank what do you figure on increased distance G20 vs K15 driver? I recently bought G20, Reg, Sign me up for compare ping k15 and g20 newsletter.

Bought the K15 driver a couple a days ago. The sound is a very powerful sound that makes you want to compae hitting it over and over again.


Was curious if I was giving up distance with the k15 compared to my driver and the g20 but distance was longer with the k15 due to compare ping k15 and g20 reduced dispersion and less sidespin.

Javascript Disabled Detected You compae have javascript disabled. Slicers, this is our cure! The K15 is a solid performer for sure George.

The G20 conpare more powerful and makes the K15 sound almost ‘tingy’ which it definitely isn’t when you hit it by itself. My step dad got this a few weeks ago with the regular flex shaft. The cc head on the PING G30 driver will help generate greater clubhead speed and ball velocity for consistently longer drives compare ping k15 and g20 find the fairway.

Today’s Golfer

Cpmpare have excelled themselves in recent years when it comes to woods, with the G series winning admirers all over the world. Also the Ping G20 Irons are engineered for extreme forgiveness and predictable distance control. Select Newport 2 Ball:

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