Now have a look at the coolers. But this is the marketing. However, the rumor predicts the arrival of a kind of FX XT Turbo a curious combination of the suffixes isn’t it? The Golden Samples are actually built to run at higher than reference settings thus are made for the tweakers among us, and there are many of us right;. AOpen’s card is very modest and doesn’t have any distinguishing features.

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Memory overclocking depends on what memory chips a given manufacturer uses for a given board. A user’s choice within the FX XT family will be based on the price, accessories and unique features one or another card possesses.

Here are the boxes: Now have a look at the coolers. The box is made of thick cardboard without a coverwith the decoration traditional of this company. That’s the model name of the card. Let’s take a good look at that box shall we: The memory scores will be lower. The tests at the end will show how the fact that the memory clock was reduced from to MHz affected the performance.

Gainward Ultra/XT TV-DVI Video Card – Page 3 of 5 – Legit ReviewsHardware

Those shaders that were not supported received no score. AA doesn’t work in this game.


Test results Before we start examining 2D quality, I should say there are no complete techniques for objective 2D quality estimation because: The results from Spec Viewperf show no real advantage for the Gainward clock speeds over the Albatron. But that’s just my opinion of course. Known for their reputation of building fx5900dt and feature rich graphics cards today we will test a new product from the lads at Gainward.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell v. Today we will test the middle-end solutions, though they are closer to the upper middle-end niche.

The same fx5900xf issues in the Nature game test exist on the Gainward card as they did on the Albatron card. Basically this product is in the mid-end range and offers with it’s cut-down 4 pixel pipeline four single textured pixels, or two dual textured pixels value for your money.

Testbed and drivers Testbed: AOpen’s card is very modest gainsard doesn’t have any distinguishing features. The desktop resolution was set to xx By the way, I didn’t publish the overclocking results of each card because it can depend on a sample, and it can change from MHz to MHz.

The other cards feature only the TV-out. Besides, some cards have their core clock reduced from to MHz, though not all of them, many have a MHz core.

Will there be fx59000xt significant performance decrease over the ultra model? Pentium 4 MHz based computer: This issue is nothing that Gainward or Albatron could control because it is pretty much known that this issue is an architectural issue with the GeForce FX core technology.


Well, it was about time for a new Gainward review for sure.

You can see that the XT performs a little behind the XTs in this test. MSI’s solution has an excellent accessory pack, and it actually looks a winner compared to two other cards.

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In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and other classes. I really like this test. The results in this test verify the results shown in ShaderMark, where the XT scores much higher on the shader-related tests.

It’s just the same except the fact that the box is larger though such size is not needed. AA was set through the software. No other changes to the settings were done.

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