Private Hong Kong Companies. Name of the investor who participated in the Investment. Nick Tang Co Founder. PA Courses Community Organization. More on this story.

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Balance Trump, cosy up to China, Koreas: If you require the driver to help with moving and other manual labour tasks, additional charges apply. The sq ft space is shared by several co-founders and employees. They soon discovered the root of the problem: The effort began with a lot of pavement pounding. gogovaj

Van Hire Platform | GoGoVan Hong Kong

Once you place your order, the GoGoVan system automatically notifies drivers gogova the appropriate vehicles in the surrounding area. He was late for a lunch meeting because he booked a gigovan, and the driver was more interested in talking about his good fortune, as he knew Lam was a GoGoVan co-founder. Customers started using the service from day one and usage has grown rapidly, Lam says. But the idea for GoGoVan evolved in a roundabout way. He eventually excelled and gained admission into the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, as a business major.

Seed Round – GoGoVan. Name of the funding round where the Investment is made. Enough of the chasing, I just want to know when my order will be delivered!!!!!!!

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How a high-school dropout with big ideas founded GoGoVan, Hong Kong’s first US$1bn start-up

The truth about robot cats and dogs: Oops, this phone number is already in use. You may also like. It was while working part-time as a food delivery man for a Chinese restaurant that Lam had struck upon his idea of selling adverts on takeaway boxes, which tend to be unbranded and plain.

Lam will be chief executive of the merged company, which wants to extend its reach to more Chinese cities and step into more Southeast Asian markets in the next two to three years. Apps Companies Top 10K. I purchased items from IKEA, which I believed they outsourced the courier company from gogovan to de Thank you for your kind feedback!

More than 12, drivers have downloaded the app since it was launched in July, and 7, have been vetted and registered.

Name of the investor who led the investment in the funding round. GoGoVan is not doing anything new.

Please try again, or contact us if you need help. GoGoVan is Asia’s pioneer app platform that connects users with a network of thousands of drivers for same day on-demand delivery and transportation needs.

GoGoVan – Wikipedia

We think you’d also like. Sorry, incorrect email or password Please provide your password with at least 8 characters Please fill in your password Sorry, your password does not match each other Please confirm your gogvan Please provide your name with at least one character Oops: Last Funding Round type e. What are the 4 factors that both online store owners and consumers should be looking out for gogovab it comes to online shopping?

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Best of China Tech. What vitamin should you take to help your bones stay healthy? Please login again to continue. Your feedback makes GoGoVan better and faster.

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