White Balance Adjustment If the white balance is correct, all other colours will be accurately reproduced. If a cable has only one core filter, the end that is closest to the filter should be connected to the camcorder. Please visit our Homepage on the World Wide Web for. Audio Dubbing While an optional microphone is connected, the built-in microphone is disabled. After 15 seconds, the beep sounds and snapshot recording starts. Zooming When shooting a subject close to the lens, zoom out first.

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Switch off this mode when recording with the camcorder on a tripod. Please visit our Homepage sx317 the World Wide Web for. Before continuing, perform the procedures listed below: Page 50 This same phenomenon occurs on the head drum of a camcorder when it is moved from a cool place to a warm place, after heating a cold room, under extremely humid conditions or in a place directly subjected to the cool air from an air conditioner.

Auxiliary microphone level indicator does not appear. Additional Features For D.

AC Power Adapter / Charger For JVC GZ-MC500 GR-SX26 GR-SXM168 GR-DX307 GR-DX317 GZ-HD300

The camcorder is a microcomputer-controlled device. It is recommended that only genuine JVC batteries are used in this camcorder.

You are now ready to try Random Assemble Editing. References If, after following the steps in the chart below, the problem still exists, please consult your nearest JVC dealer. Don’t have an account? Time code is displayed on the camcorder and on the connected TV. Do not perform any other operation such as turning off the DPOF camcorder during initialisation.


Page 39 of JVC Camcorder GR-DX User Guide |

To turn the camcorder on again, push back and pull out the viewfinder again or close and re-open the LCD monitor. When a blank portion is left between recorded scenes on the tape, the time code is interrupted and errors may occur when editing the tape.

Tripod Mounting To attach the camcorder to a tripod, align screw to the mounting socket on the camcorder. If zoomed-in in the auto focus mode, the camcorder may automatically zoom out depending on the distance between the camcorder and the subject.

After 15 seconds, the beep sounds and snapshot recording starts.

External noise and interference from a TV, a radio, etc. The tally lamp turns off. The tally lamp starts blinking. Also, be sure to use the provided AC Adapter, as the memory card may be corrupted if the battery becomes exhausted during initialisation.

Appears in the following cases when dubbing from a tape to a memory card as digital stills or video clips: Approximate maximum recording time per video clip is 3 minutes. Snapshot You can use your camcorder as a Digital Still Camera for taking snapshots.


Jvc camcorder – digital video camera user manual 40 pages. Time code is not displayed. Even if you begin gf for the camcorder and the VCR at exactly the same time, you may lose scenes you wanted, or find that you have recorded scenes you did not want. Ddx317 For Video Recording This feature lets you record still images that look like photographs onto a tape.

Frame numbers are not displayed during recording. Exposure Control Exposure Control Manual exposure control is recommended in the following situations: If the white balance is correct, all other colours will be accurately reproduced.

Recording Basic Shooting D. Using generic non-JVC batteries can cause damage to the internal charging circuitry. For a cleanly edited tape, confirm and adjust the timing of the camcorder against your VCR.

When shooting using reverse lighting or when the background is too bright. Some MPEG4 files stored with other devices cannot be played back with this camcorder.

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