Thanks for your work in relaying this to the appropriate people. Currently trying the workaround you suggested, testing it by copying my entire music collection and so far so good. Is there a set of steps: The first copy process is holding steady at That’s definitely not a good long-term solution.

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Just as a final note, before finishing this I copied another folder with about 5gb in one last attempt to re-create the BSOD and it spiked the cpu again to about 50 and settled back down.

Tuesday, October 6, 8: Currently vitsa the workaround you suggested, testing it by copying my entire music collection and so far so good. Tuesday, September 15, 1: It was an actual system crash-not a hang, that I had been experiencing while copying large files to or from the USB external HDs.

It hpt734 a completely unsupported and untested scenario. As I was posting the last bit, Win7 just dumped my Wireless stick ht374.

That’s my opinion in this case. I know I should just shut up and be happy about it but I’d like to learn something. Saturday, October 24, 2: I was even able to run other apps while copying. You have the same symptom that other folks are reporting. Calculate your amount of memory in bytes in hexadecimal and substract 1.


Index of /BIOS_Driver/vista

I hope that Microsoft and companies try to fix this with a patch for the regular user. For those of you hitting issues with a hang or a failure to transfer data, please try the following That was just a temporary workaround to get people unblocked.

Wednesday, October 28, 2: Have been having this same issue for awhile now and discovered that while copying without any USB devices attatched except of course the one external HDD the copy process works fine. I have a little improvement fot the temporary workaround that will allow us to use all the RAM minus 1 GB.

Index of /BIOS_Driver/vista

Tuesday, October 27, 1: It’s a problem mainly among mobo’s with a Nvidia chipset MSI for example. I have had this issue over a month now and firmly believe it is related to nvidia, USB peripherals, regardless of the type and it just happens I’m now realizing that fact. I see you have the same graphics card as I do. Wednesday, October 14, 5: I was able vist end the back-up process but the system did not recover and hpf374 had to force it to shut down: Is there a way to do this? It doesn’t sound like it’s an issue with multiple devices By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.


Highpoint RCM Device Free Driver Download (Official)

I installed “process hacker” and left it running to see what specific process was maxing out my cpu and it was primarily “Deferred Procedure Calls” and “System Interrupts”. Friday, October 9, 2: Friday, October 16, I would strongly advise against using the Vista bit USB drivers.

It does work with Vista x This was simple and headache free. At any rate, I guess I caused some confusion. Hope progress is moving along in the right direction for you folks, and of course in the end, us. Searching Driver Store and Device Path

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