I also have to do this when I start up. Found some relevant comments about why the speed of the connection may be lower than expected. Ralink RT usb wireless driver Hi – just following up on this Stuart Bishop stub wrote on Nominated for Intrepid by escipio. Displaying first 40 and last 40 comments.

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rtusb – Debian Wiki

Or could someone point me to where I can find the Ubuntu kernel patches and source? The time now is But I assume you mean the deprecated legacy drivers instead, those drivers have been removed from the rt2x00 project.

ilnux I’m on a RT card. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Is there some more manual tweaking required to get this flying? Ian, Wine is unlikely to help you have it up for longer. He wants to download wine to be able to extract drivers liable to keep his interface up all the time.

HOWTO: Ralink RT usb wireless driver

Here is a sample file. Worked very well in Breezy. I’m guessing this is related, affects the rt73usb module also https: Compiling driver form rtsource with every kernel upgrade is rather unhandy. You even added suspense ;- This report may be incomplete, but I wanted to thank for the impressive improvement regarding general rt570 of use.


Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Nominated for Dapper by escipio. I have followed the instructions from https: View all comments or add a comment. After a few linud of testing I want to tell to all of us struggling with a hardy kernel on top of gutsy that the best way to go is to install hardy: Common, just add rt2x00 from serialmonkey to the repository and ditch this stupid driver.

Dimitri Meus dimitri-meus-deactivatedaccount wrote on On Sun, at This got the networking working but it would then stop after a few minutes and then go into a stuck state if I tried to repeat the modprobe trick.

Rt2507 find myself always going back to the legacy driver. Worked perfectly in Breezy, then I apt-get dist-upgraded to Dapper yesterday. Barry Shilliday teppic74 wrote on Top marks for innuendo.

Ralink RT2500USB/RT2571 devices

I don’t have rt270 new kernel. If may be already solved, but I’m quite sure this can’t be done or is very hard to do in this kernel version.


Ralink RT usb wireless driver. Integrated Antenna Speeds Supported: If im wrong please let me know or let me know what the exact issue is with these cards and we can all work together on a fix I also had the same problem with the system rt25770 down after doing for example “iwlist ra0 scan” or any other operation using the card. Wpa works great as well, unfortunately any wpa password longer than 20 characters crashes Ubuntu and locks up the box, oops, nevermind, just checked this forum thread: I posted some time ago my information: Displaying first 40 and last 40 comments.

Aren’t there irq conflicts? If a system where the installation was made, the.

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