Load is the whole equipment consuming electric power. System Requirements OS Required. A longtime reader favorite, the VicTsing MM has never been priced this low. Active power – this is useful power consumed by the load from the source which then proceeds for further conversion into another energy type thermal, mechanical etc. This model is not very efficient – it took 4.

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PowerMust 636

The first time it was frightful but interesting, the second time it was just interesting and the third? The UPS in monitored even so.

According to the oscillograms the input and output are somehow interconnected. Yury Kuchenko YuraK itc. How long it is going to work and how much a minute is going to be is not for us to answer.

Mustek PowerMust 600 Plus – UPS – 600 VA

The Apollo A has the output voltage in antiphase to the network one when working from the network. The transition to the battery takes ms. poaermust

This unit can be installed both on the rackmount and put on the floor for which there are two plastic supports. And my brand new computer running Fedora 12 has an RS port if one insists to use a connector on the motherboard.

Gaming by Rick Broida Jul 20, Searchable scanners may be your best friend this tax season Searchable scanners may be your best friend this tax season by Alina Bradford. However, some companies were not very enthusiastic about providing us with their samples for the tests. 600av a rule, it has an active component and a reactive one as with respect to the input such load can be considered consisting of an ideal fixed resistor and an element of reactive resistance.

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In real life a load often brings in both linear and nonlinear distortions. The high grade received in the duration tests doesn’t match our impressions on operation of the powermush sample on the test stand: This test uses actively the processor, video card and hard drive, that is why it is considered the most balanced benchmark.

That is why we tried to give you objective information rather than recommend something.

Battery Run Time Up To. Big system, Categories 2 and 3 These are quite narrow groups which have almost no second-echelon manufacturers.

The time of operation is 10 to 20 minutes.

In some cases for example, for pulse power supply units with a diode bridge and a capacitive filter on the input it’s hard to define an equivalent value of the reactive component of the complex impedance for further analysis as this value msutek on an instantaneous current value, i.

But the output approximated sinusoid has no noticeable distortions.

As we expected from the On-line UPS it has no reaction to lack of network voltage. Once again I want to stress on advantages of the on-line devices, especially if you own a home theater with a big monitor. We have altered the testing technique as, on one hand, we are to provide high quality and validity of the test results, and on the other hand, this is a kind of a test conveyer well optimized for devices going through all the test stages.


Later we found out that its parameters were so good and repeatable that we used it in adjusting the testbed.

Running Mustek Powermust UPS with nut

And the level of harmonics of the output voltage is unusually low. Due to the well-developed testing technique, tools and human resources, we were going to cover the whole local market of sub VA UPS units.

Small system, Category 2 Here the range of prices and other properties is great: The only thing p,us can hold you back from purchasing this unit is musgek price, though it’s the lowest in its class. The transition depends on when in which period the network voltage was lost: We checked how the consumption character changes and arrived at the conclusion that it doesn’t affect much power value and the shape.

The competition between Powerware and APC looks very interesting: One more advantage of such procedure is that the curves obtained allow estimating more precisely the UPS’s behavior both with the reactive and active character of the test load.

Video 3Digests Video cards:

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