To simply acquire the coordinates at your location in the current coordinate system you can view coordinates under Status. Maybe the links in the answer there will be helpful. John Doe April 24, at The COM port is already configured for use by another device. As before, there are three models that are identical except for the performance and accuracy of their internal GPS circuitry. Do not set the GPS on the ground or on a large rock when recording hundreds of positions into a single point.

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We began trading in our older units in for the series units because they offer some advantages for archaeological fieldwork. Start GPS unit using green button at base.

Global Positioning System – Trimble GeoXH

To shut down for long term storage hold down the Power button and choose Shut Down from the control screen. It is best to use an external antenna on a stadia rod for higher accuracy points.

More detailed overviews of the UTM system can be read online. While the software is recording a point note the counter at the top you can add a brief title, note, or Site Number to the feature. Time to First Fix.

Choose the Capture tab to Enable Averaging, Points: As before, there are three models that are identical except for the performance and accuracy of their internal GPS circuitry. Sign up or log in Geoch up using Google. In addition to the ruggedized case of the older Geo series the includes better positioning Spotlightchangable hot-swappable batteries, no cradle, and a built in camera for photo documenting features.


Trimble GeoExplorer

With a footprint of 3. When a file is open you can create a Point, Line, or Area Polygon. For best results create no more than one or two files per day with multiple features within them. John Doe April 24, at Maybe the links in the answer there will be helpful. Under System choose UTM, under Zone select the appropriate zone for your region specifying the northern or southern hemisphere.

For best performance trible updates to the software should include a factory reset to the default software configuration and reinstallation of the added software. Install Trimble Terrasync from Windows using our activation code. The following configuration is used during reinstallation. They can also use their own internal Bluetooth radio to connect to a dedicated Trimble GeoBeacon receiver, receive real-time corrections from VRS networks, as well as download background map data.

A sequential ID number is visible next to the Note field gwoxh that number is persistent within the file so you may log that ID number in other notes or forms. An Authorization code is needed. Use the Trimble Installer because the Trimble software activation follows the actual WinMobile install step.


The actual software installers are available online for Trimble software including desktop software: More information about this and the future of these technologies GNSS modernizationsuch as the improved L5 signal is online.

Note the battery level top of screen and make sure it is adequately charged prior to fieldwork.

Internal 7,mAH Li-Ion, Configure the Windows Mobile 6. In conjuntion with Trimble field software, the GeoXH handheld uses Trimble H-Star technology to deliver decimeter accuracy in the field, eliminating the need for back-office processing and giving the confidence that the job is done trimboe while still on site. There are numerous satellite based correction signals available today developed primarily for aviation.

You are here Home. Mary Jane June 16, at 6: A PDF of the Arcpad 10 manual pages is available online here Make sure Bluetooth and Wi-fi are turned off if not in use for maximum battery life. I’ve trimbld had this issue. Fill in Owner Information on front screen including institute name and phone and email.

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